Traveler support . Necessary fact that you need to know before your trip
By considering the meaning of traveler support. This could be very wide meaning. It can be used in many levels of service and different kids organization. For instance, it may start from government , corporate or individual service.

Why traveler support is matter to you?
First off all it is not an obligation, but it is nice to know what to do and where to go when you are in trouble oversea .
It is your own benefit in case of incident has happened during your trip .
In this article we will start with government level . What is traveler support for the Thai government. Plus due to our name is about Thailand. Therefore, we would like to scope the topic in our regional only.


TAT or tourism authority of Thailand is a major unit that related to tourism. They used to have many tasks and authority, but they are now acting as main Thailand tourism PR. They also plan and lead the direction of tourism industry in Thailand. Seem like they have nothing to do with traveler. That is not true! If you are an independent tourism or FIT tourist. They provide great support for travelers. They help you plan the trip. They can recommend destination, attraction and things to do listing. They actually know various kind of tourism supply such as hotel, activities, spa, food and many more.

You can call 1672 . They have an English call center to help you out. They can give good advise for your vacation. They act as tour agent but not tour to sales.

You need to keep this website too. They have some active information of the country like a riot , National disaster and ect.

Department of Tourism (กรมการท่องเที่ยว)

This is a unit operate under the ministry of tourism who regulate tour operator company and tourist guide in Thailand. They issue and terminate the license. It means any complain you can go to them. When you buy a tour from authorized tour operator or make a short trip as Bangkok day tour , Chiang Mai trip , or around the tour . If the tour company does not serve you or mistreat you, you need to contact this department for resolution the trouble.

Police tourist
Thailand’s police, tourist could help you with bad SCENARIO during your holiday . 1555 is their one stop service number which is easy to remember and worth remember. You can call them with any kind of situation such as traffics accidents, theft, and disputes with hotel or shop keepers.
The Thailand Police Tourist dresses different from general policeman. The uniform have a distinctive badge. They are stationed in major tourist destination and the airport.

This is a unit to coordinate with business events in Thailand. Mice tourist , they are here for a meeting and some free time for sightseeing . Business tour will bring some partner or family with them.
What kind of traveler support they provide. They can help with a big group size. They also something have a promotion for big group traveling. They also can let you know a supplier who can help and facilitate for your group. For example, finding big hotel, find organizer or perhaps recommend some things to do that suit for your group.
National Park Department

Your embassy
In holiday , everyone plan to have a good time. But something bad may happen. It could be small things up to big deal. It is a good idea to find out about your government before you travel.
Imagine, if you lose your passport, passport validity date too short, you have some accident or any natural disaster.
Your embassy will serve you the best.

Least but not last, You read our article this long. All Bangkok hotel team really pound on this. This article is not ended yet. Surely, stay tuned with us and we will continue to tell you more on traveler support issue.

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