1.) New Train Service for Bangkok to Pattaya

On 17th March this year the Thai coastal city of Pattaya will welcome the new and much-anticipated Bangkok to Pattaya weekend train service. Pattaya lies approximately 100 km south-east of Bangkok and is a very popular seaside tourist destination.

While there is currently a rail service from Bangkok to Pattaya, it only runs on weekdays, which fails to address the weekend travel requirements of those wishing to travel between these two important tourist cities. Currently, the weekday train from Bangkok to Pattaya arrives in Pattaya at 11.20 AM, then leaves Pattaya for the return trip to Bangkok at 1.35 PM.

New Train Service Launched on a Trial Basis

The weekend train service is being launched on a six-month trial run and should adequately resolve current weekend transport problems. If the launch is successful it’s planned that the train will operate on a permanent basis. The introductory weekend timetable will see the new, air-conditioned train leaving Bangkok at 6:30 AM and arriving at Pattaya at 9 AM, then leaving Pattaya at 3:50 PM to arrive back in the capital city at 6:50 PM. In addition, the train trip will be reduced by approximately one hour, which Thai railway officials believe will help boost tourism in the country.

All Aboard for a One-Day or Weekend Trip to Pattaya!

Speaking to DPA, the Tourism Marketing Executive for Thailand’s State Railway, Mr Oratai Suwannatas, said the new weekend rail service between Bangkok and Pattaya has been specifically designed to service both local and foreign tourists who wish to plan either a day or weekend trip to Pattaya.

Mr Oratai said that the current train timetable makes it impossible for tourists and locals to enjoy a one-day trip. It’s anticipated that this new weekend rail service will provide a welcome boost in the number of tourists and day-trippers visiting Pattaya.

Six Station Stops plus Shuttle Services for Tourist Attractions

The weekend train from Bangkok to Pattaya will stop at six stations and shuttle services will be provided at all stations to service nearby sightseeing attractions. The six station stops include the Sriracha Tiger Zoo, North Pattaya, The Floating Market, Yanasanwararam Temple, Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, and the Plutaluang Railway Station.