National resource

People now a day travels a lot more than it use to be. There are several reasons that people travel more than the pass. The airline is cheap and quick and easy to reserve the tickets. Social media make demand of travelling increase. People are busy with work and want to rest. Least but not last, Natural resource and charming of each place make people want to explore the world.

National resource and tourism
People Travel since want to see things differently. They want to see something that doesn’t not existing in their home and experience aboard to exotic culture. In addition , Gods give different national resource in each region and that would continue support to promote tourism .
Government , tourism and national resource
All Bangkok hotels is not the only website that notice and see that many governments promote tourism badly. Tourism is a service business. Tourism sell experience at culture and natural resources that cannot take it away. Unlike, industrialize once it started to create any industrial. National resource will be uses and demolish little by little. Tourism service use national resource it could be bad, but well manage can make it last very long.

National resource and tourism in Thailand
The Mountain is a source of prosperity, water ,tree and wildlife . It is declared as national park and managed under forest department. Some of the mountain is a private own which may next to village. In the north of Thailand, Visitor could go trek go to the villages. So mountain trekking is a good activity.
Many people visit Thailand since the most recognition of charming of Thailand best. There are so many destinations that people love to come and relaxing. The beach itself is a nice and great way to relaxing. Find sand , clear water and extension to the island are element that people love about Thailand Beach. In this article, we make it in short summary by recommending the top famous beach Thailand, which including Railay Beach in Krabi, Patong Beach in Phuket, Maya bay at Koh Phi Phi, Hua Hin beach , Lamai beach in Samui, Kata beach in Phuket, Saree beach in Phuket, White sand beach in Koh Chang , Haad rin beach in Koh Pha Ngan, and Beach at Koh Mun Nork.
Beside beautiful nature, a visitor could enjoy activities , nightlife, adventure and much more.
As allBangkokHotels team has travelled around the country. We found southern peninsula is the most charming beach destination.

Waterfall is located in every region of Thailand. Most of them are in the National park. Some waterfall allows visitor go to visit and swim. The dangerous water is permitted to entry, due to security reasons. If you are water fall fan, you must visit Thailand a little after raining season or at the beginning of the raining season. That is around October , June and July. The water, starting to increase and decline. So it is not too dangerous. Here is a name of nice waterfalls that people love. Erawan waterfall, T Lor Sua, Peu waterfall and Kwai yai waterfall for instance.

National wonder
Natural wonders are always nice to visit and inspire everyone to make a trip no matter how hard to go or how far to travel from home. Even Thailand size is just 540,000 square meter, but there are full of natural wonders of Thailand. If you are a nature-lover, stay tune. AllBangkokHotel would like to recommend wonder in Thailand as this Thi Lo Su Waterfall , Khao Sok National Park, Tha Pom (Klong Song Nam) , Tham Low (hug cave system), Phu Hing Rongkla (nature rock formations), Mor Hin Kkao (cliffs and strang rock formations) , Doi Intranon.
There are so much more of natural resources such hot spring ,and national parks that visitors could enjoy. Stay with us. We will bring more nice place to introduce to you.