Big growth of tourism to Thai Beaches

Big growth of tourism to Thai Beaches , Is it real ?

Thailand beaches are very popular by statistic of search of trip advisor user. Krabi and Phuket is a famous beach destination in Peninsula southern of Thailand. .

I just came across to read article of TTG Asia, which published in the TTG NEWS and website on 27 Oct 2017. It is about “Strongest Waves of interest for Thai Beaches” . It has been an interesting topic since the article said that “ Krabi word reaches 41%, increasing in top five of search query in trip advisor . Following by Kathu , Nai Yang in Phuket at 37% respectively. After that is Chiang mai and Hat Yai.

Chinese is a the largest searcher, then the US, UK, Australia and Russia.
In this article also said that The top five incoming tourists, Chinese visitors stay for 4 nights and plan their trip average 51 days ahead. Russian tourist takes around 60 days to plan a trip but stay the longest with approximately 11 nights per stay.
The US, the UK and Australia stay for an average of six nights and take the longest to plan, with lead times of 108, 102 and 82 days from order.
By summary tour stay average 5 nights and plan around, their trip around 65 days in advance
Another interesting information in this the major tourist that interest to visit Thailand is from the second-tier city such as Hangzhou, Dalian and Qingdao.

The article above draws my interest in many aspects. From information above the top 4 searches indicated the Thai beaches destination or peninsular south of Thailand are the most popular interest for inbound tourist, but I still wonder is it true that Krabi has more interest than Phuket.
So I go to statistic site on the tourism board of Thailand
I found data in 2009-2015 , that indicate Krabi has increased the number of visitors in 2009 increasing over 100 % in 2015.

Meanwhile , Phuket grow number of visitors more than 350% between 2009 and 2015.

The simple state as we see has a sign to show that southern peninsular of Thailand has a strong potential. A number of interesting in Krabi and Phuket has provided a positive sign for a service provider which directly service serve tourist such as hotel, attractions, activities, DMC, tour operator , airline ,and transportation company.
Meanwhile, the indirect impact to real estate ,food and beverage, shopping mall ,and local business will continue get to get booth their economy too.
As we are in the travel industry, number is very important and so keep an eye on this will help to understand the big pictures of the market and industry.


Strongest waves of interest for Thai beaches

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