Exotic Food Serve in Top Five Star Restaurant

Get to know the top 7 places for finding in in Five Star Restaurant in Bangkok

One of the biggest draw visitors to come to Bangkok is a food. From Thai cuisine on street food up to top five star restaurant in Bangkok in hotel. Bangkok has a lot of choices that once can enjoy. If you like to eat and have experience in finding dine restaurant. See the listing below.

Nahm at COMO Metropolitan Hotel

NAHM Restuarants

Number 1 : Get you feel of gourmet Thai Food at NAHM. It well known as the best restaurant in the world. You can could taste a flavorful of various dishes. Traditional dishes served here in a very opulent ambiance and perfectly trained waiters

nham dish

#2 Soul Food Mahanakorn
56/10 Sukumvit 55 at Soi Thonglor
The Food Mahanakorn offer a solid choice of Thai food in traditional design and very presentation in elegant design. They also serve great drink

#3 Breeze at Lebua Hotel inside State tower
At Breeze , this is a great view restaurant, but it is located in the five star hotel so it is a little pricy.

#4 The Blue elephant
The blue elephant serves authentic Thai food in luxury ambiance. This is a well known brand restaurant that has many branches in major cities in Europe. They have also had offer cooking classes for those who want to learn about Thai cooking. They guide the student from the market to the table.

#5 Krau Absorn
If fancy restaurant is not your choice, dining at Krua Absorn is a great choice. This is a long time restaurant for local people. If you want traditional Thai dishes to perfection. This is a perfect place for you.

#6 Sra Bua at Siam Kimpinsky
Sra Bua earns a Michelin star award for five star recognition. Also this place has listed in 1 out of 50 Asia’s 50 best restaurants in 2014 . The highlight of this place has bring Molecular Gastronomy but still preserve the authentic taste of Thai cuisine.

#7 Issara
This place is run by the Iron Chef Thailand or Chef Ian . The charming place is hidden in the green lush garden on Rama IV Road. The wooden house age over 100 years, which is very nice. This is not only tourist, but the expats and local people come to enjoy fine dining too.

So this article is published in 2017. There is more Five Star restaurant than we every presents. It is grow as the number of resident and tourist that come to visit Bangkok and who looking for taste authentic Thai food flavor.

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