History and How many type of Thai massage

Thai massage History and category

Many people know Wat pho as a home of Thai massage but Thai massage is not equal to Wat Pho only. There are some many originate of Thai massage more than Wat Pho.

Original of Thai Massage
In fact, there is no certain record when the Thai massage has been originated and who created this cure technique. It might be a self preservation that mankind has to find out and save the knowledge from generation to another generation. Thai massage is part of traditional medicine that well is used in royal court which consist of pressing, bending, squeezing, pulling and baking the whole body to make one feel better. However, three are a canonical record said that the massage may develop from India massage which come with the Buddhism.

“There are also a canonical record in 1455 by Ramkhamheang King indicated the duty of doctors in different specialization. Also 1968 , Simon de la Loubère the envoy from France put the record the massager will walk on the body of those who was fatigued. The lady who pregnant will use a smaller kids to walk on her body so she can easy to deliver the child for instance”

In the Rattanakosin period or Bangkok time around 1832 , during King Rama III , gather to doctors, and wise people to make various kind of marble script about knowledge in Siam country which including medical knowledge and massage. There are 80 hermits in different posture and massage 60 scrips in Wat pho. This is why Wat pho were named as Thai massage.

Type of Thai massage
Thai massage has separated to 2 schools which is consist of Ratchasamnak and Chaloeysak.
Ratchasamnak . This word means royal court which is the massage technique for royal family member and high ranking nobility. The massage is designed to focus on the use of fingers and hands only. There are many rules and posture that massacre need to do to make is polite to approach or touch people. This technique is a limit knowledge amount royal doctors only. However, in 1906 Kommamuan Aksornsan and Luang saraprasert the royal doctor who works for King Rama V had revise and made a new text book for Royal medicine. Later on, his son (Doctors Chit Detpan) teach his student and wild spread in the last 30 years. The royal medicine consists of the medical plan, traditional pharmacy, midwifery and traditional massage.

Chaloeysak massage is used among the ordinary people. There are no formalities or formalities in this kind of massage. Massager can use various part of the body to provide services such as knees, fingers, hands and elbows. This is different from the Ratchasamnak which focused hand, and finger massage alone.

As Thailand use to be dominant in agriculture society so people use a lot of physical and movement, therefore Thai massage is play an important rule to release stress on the muscle. Therefore, Chaloeysak massage is a common use and this is a kind of massage that serve in the shop, spa, and hotel as well.