Big growth of tourism to Thai Beaches

Big growth of tourism to Thai Beaches , Is it real ?

Thailand beaches are very popular by statistic of search of trip advisor user. Krabi and Phuket is a famous beach destination in Peninsula southern of Thailand. .

I just came across to read article of TTG Asia, which published in the TTG NEWS and website on 27 Oct 2017. It is about “Strongest Waves of interest for Thai Beaches” . It has been an interesting topic since the article said that “ Krabi word reaches 41%, increasing in top five of search query in trip advisor . Following by Kathu , Nai Yang in Phuket at 37% respectively. After that is Chiang mai and Hat Yai.

Chinese is a the largest searcher, then the US, UK, Australia and Russia.
In this article also said that The top five incoming tourists, Chinese visitors stay for 4 nights and plan their trip average 51 days ahead. Russian tourist takes around 60 days to plan a trip but stay the longest with approximately 11 nights per stay.
The US, the UK and Australia stay for an average of six nights and take the longest to plan, with lead times of 108, 102 and 82 days from order.
By summary tour stay average 5 nights and plan around, their trip around 65 days in advance
Another interesting information in this the major tourist that interest to visit Thailand is from the second-tier city such as Hangzhou, Dalian and Qingdao.

The article above draws my interest in many aspects. From information above the top 4 searches indicated the Thai beaches destination or peninsular south of Thailand are the most popular interest for inbound tourist, but I still wonder is it true that Krabi has more interest than Phuket.
So I go to statistic site on the tourism board of Thailand
I found data in 2009-2015 , that indicate Krabi has increased the number of visitors in 2009 increasing over 100 % in 2015.

Meanwhile , Phuket grow number of visitors more than 350% between 2009 and 2015.

The simple state as we see has a sign to show that southern peninsular of Thailand has a strong potential. A number of interesting in Krabi and Phuket has provided a positive sign for a service provider which directly service serve tourist such as hotel, attractions, activities, DMC, tour operator , airline ,and transportation company.
Meanwhile, the indirect impact to real estate ,food and beverage, shopping mall ,and local business will continue get to get booth their economy too.
As we are in the travel industry, number is very important and so keep an eye on this will help to understand the big pictures of the market and industry.


Strongest waves of interest for Thai beaches

History and How many type of Thai massage

Thai massage History and category

Many people know Wat pho as a home of Thai massage but Thai massage is not equal to Wat Pho only. There are some many originate of Thai massage more than Wat Pho.

Original of Thai Massage
In fact, there is no certain record when the Thai massage has been originated and who created this cure technique. It might be a self preservation that mankind has to find out and save the knowledge from generation to another generation. Thai massage is part of traditional medicine that well is used in royal court which consist of pressing, bending, squeezing, pulling and baking the whole body to make one feel better. However, three are a canonical record said that the massage may develop from India massage which come with the Buddhism.

“There are also a canonical record in 1455 by Ramkhamheang King indicated the duty of doctors in different specialization. Also 1968 , Simon de la Loubère the envoy from France put the record the massager will walk on the body of those who was fatigued. The lady who pregnant will use a smaller kids to walk on her body so she can easy to deliver the child for instance”

In the Rattanakosin period or Bangkok time around 1832 , during King Rama III , gather to doctors, and wise people to make various kind of marble script about knowledge in Siam country which including medical knowledge and massage. There are 80 hermits in different posture and massage 60 scrips in Wat pho. This is why Wat pho were named as Thai massage.

Type of Thai massage
Thai massage has separated to 2 schools which is consist of Ratchasamnak and Chaloeysak.
Ratchasamnak . This word means royal court which is the massage technique for royal family member and high ranking nobility. The massage is designed to focus on the use of fingers and hands only. There are many rules and posture that massacre need to do to make is polite to approach or touch people. This technique is a limit knowledge amount royal doctors only. However, in 1906 Kommamuan Aksornsan and Luang saraprasert the royal doctor who works for King Rama V had revise and made a new text book for Royal medicine. Later on, his son (Doctors Chit Detpan) teach his student and wild spread in the last 30 years. The royal medicine consists of the medical plan, traditional pharmacy, midwifery and traditional massage.

Chaloeysak massage is used among the ordinary people. There are no formalities or formalities in this kind of massage. Massager can use various part of the body to provide services such as knees, fingers, hands and elbows. This is different from the Ratchasamnak which focused hand, and finger massage alone.

As Thailand use to be dominant in agriculture society so people use a lot of physical and movement, therefore Thai massage is play an important rule to release stress on the muscle. Therefore, Chaloeysak massage is a common use and this is a kind of massage that serve in the shop, spa, and hotel as well.

Michelin guide review and rating restaurant in Bangkok

Michelin guide the happiness of Five star restaurant
The Bangkok restaurant must have been very happy that Micheline guide announced 2018 guide book in Thailand. 17 Bangkok restaurants receive Michelin award in 3 places got 2 star rating and 14 restaurants earn 1 star rating.
Thai and travelers foodie must have been really happy to follow the listing of Michelin guide and experience the taste of local food that is very well accepted.
Criteria to get Michelin rewards with this 5 factors
1. Quality of ingredient
2. Technique of cooking and taste of food
3. Characteristic of chefs and experience
4. Value for money
5. Consistency of the food
Listing of restaurants with Michelin reward

One Star Restaurants:

  • Bo.Lan
  • Chim by Siam Wisdom
  • Elements
  • Ginza Sushi Ichi
  • J’aime by Jean-Michel Lorain
  • L’atelier de Joel Robuchon
  • Nahm
  • Paste
  • Saneh Jaan
  • Savelberg
  • Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin (at Siam Kempinski hotel )
  • Suhring
  • Upstairs at Mikkeller
  • Jay Fai

Two Star Restaurants:

  • Gaggan
  • Le Normandie (at Mandarin Oriental)
  • Mezzaluna (at State Tower )

There are also 35 Bib Gourmand restaurants is also on the listing of Michelin.
Who is a local restaurant review
Michelin guide for restaurant rating is well know for international level. They have their own criteria to review and rating. It is getting attention in the media as well as may have some reflect for the tourist who is a Michelin fan who may want to taste the food. However, we would like to introduce a local restaurant review in local level, which such as wonnai , is similar to review of that allows reader to edit the information as they prefer. The readers of foodie can give a rating of each place and in addition they have many restaurants that specific area. They also have many restaurants on the listing on each area. Once for a while, they also grouped food in category, such as noodle, Isan food , or chicken stream rice. The interesting is you can use Wonnai to learn more about most of the restaurant that you plan to visit, including the one that have got the Michelin rating as well. Downside is the reviews are written in Thai language. However, google translate will be able to help with translation and you can understand some context. is a review website by their own bloggers. This website has content related to drink, travel eat, and hotel review. However, the good point of this website is from real review and they have a lot of photos so you can read and see what kind of food and food decoration will look like. Their pictures is provide in big and high resolution which is very nice to see. They also have review in different cities, and various kind of food category. So you can also check it out before visiting.
Well ! Today, you got a good trip of name listing of Bangkok restaurant that get rewarded from Michelin and recommend some of the local food review web. We hope this is useful for your plan to visit to Bangkok and you can make your own food journey to our country. Have a wonderful time.



Full list of Michelin Star Restaurants in Bangkok 2018

Exotic Food Serve in Top Five Star Restaurant

Get to know the top 7 places for finding in in Five Star Restaurant in Bangkok

One of the biggest draw visitors to come to Bangkok is a food. From Thai cuisine on street food up to top five star restaurant in Bangkok in hotel. Bangkok has a lot of choices that once can enjoy. If you like to eat and have experience in finding dine restaurant. See the listing below.

Nahm at COMO Metropolitan Hotel

NAHM Restuarants

Number 1 : Get you feel of gourmet Thai Food at NAHM. It well known as the best restaurant in the world. You can could taste a flavorful of various dishes. Traditional dishes served here in a very opulent ambiance and perfectly trained waiters

nham dish

#2 Soul Food Mahanakorn
56/10 Sukumvit 55 at Soi Thonglor
The Food Mahanakorn offer a solid choice of Thai food in traditional design and very presentation in elegant design. They also serve great drink

#3 Breeze at Lebua Hotel inside State tower
At Breeze , this is a great view restaurant, but it is located in the five star hotel so it is a little pricy.

#4 The Blue elephant
The blue elephant serves authentic Thai food in luxury ambiance. This is a well known brand restaurant that has many branches in major cities in Europe. They have also had offer cooking classes for those who want to learn about Thai cooking. They guide the student from the market to the table.

#5 Krau Absorn
If fancy restaurant is not your choice, dining at Krua Absorn is a great choice. This is a long time restaurant for local people. If you want traditional Thai dishes to perfection. This is a perfect place for you.

#6 Sra Bua at Siam Kimpinsky
Sra Bua earns a Michelin star award for five star recognition. Also this place has listed in 1 out of 50 Asia’s 50 best restaurants in 2014 . The highlight of this place has bring Molecular Gastronomy but still preserve the authentic taste of Thai cuisine.

#7 Issara
This place is run by the Iron Chef Thailand or Chef Ian . The charming place is hidden in the green lush garden on Rama IV Road. The wooden house age over 100 years, which is very nice. This is not only tourist, but the expats and local people come to enjoy fine dining too.

So this article is published in 2017. There is more Five Star restaurant than we every presents. It is grow as the number of resident and tourist that come to visit Bangkok and who looking for taste authentic Thai food flavor.

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Thai massage in Thailand

Description : Thai massage is non oil based therapy . It is for someone who looking for quick fixed. So it is good for someone who do not want get too much oil on their body.

Experience Thai massage
Thai massage is non oil based therapy . It is for someone who looking for quick fixed. So it is good for someone who do not want to get too much oil on their body. Thai massage is different from oil base therapy rather than rubbing on muscles, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked. This is one of the best ways to get destressed.
Thai massage
Traditional Thai massage has various kinds of posture involved. The Thai therapy is starting from the legs . It begins with straight the legs. Pressure is applied to the entire body start from foot, legs and back all the way to the neck. Reflex points of the back are activated. Later lags are folded for stretching. The next step is massaging the hand. Later, the back is stretched for relaxation of upper body. Then, the masseur will work on your head and shoulder.
Beside the explanation above, Thai massage may include pulling fingers, ears, cracking knuckles, toes, walking on the recipient’s back, and moving the recipient’s body into many different postures and position.
The massage session is runs from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes. The standard service is around 120 minutes.
Main Purpose of Thai Massage
The main purpose of Thai Massage is to open up your body. It has so many things similar to yoga. This will help your body flexible of your body and relaxation. It is also benefiting for blood circulation.
Sound of people who experience Thai Massage
After review from various reviews and video such as in youtube.
Here is some sound of people feedback
“It is like, Thai woman dances on my body, but I feel great. “
“It is like Thai people beat you up, but you feel great.”
“it was painful, but fun , I love it.“
There to get a Thai massage.
Visitors can find a lot of massage shop on the street. At the hotel and shopping mall you can also use the service, but the price of the service may be 4 or 5 five above service which runs on the street. Yes, you for good ambient and expect for more cleanliness.

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